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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Food Trip in Paris, Chocolate and Pastry

The city of Paris is a great spot for getting a charge out of a dazzling get-away. This enthusiasm for Paris might be consolidated with your dream and love for chocolate and cakes. The chocolate and baked good visit in Paris should take around three hours of time. This charming sustenance and chocolate voyage through Paris should be joined with a portion of the gourmet claims to fame from the area of France alongside a magnificent strolling visit. This visit is uncommonly modified for just little gathering of voyagers. The primary goal behind this little gathering visit is to give customized consideration regarding every one of the general population from the accomplished aide. This visit coordination is done in a way with the goal that it might be a superb ordeal for every last explorer incorporated into the visit. This visit has increased extraordinary fame among all the Paris visits explorers. This visit has obviously turned into a dream for particularly the foodies.

This chocolate and pastry food tour is led by an experienced and trained food guide who will guide the travelers of the tour to a number of places in the Paris neighborhood which may include at least three pastry shops, three chocolate shops and a bakery. The major highlights of the tour shall be stated as the following.

• This is an afternoon walking tour that is targeted towards some of the fine pastry and chocolate shops in Paris

• Different types and shapes of chocolates and pastries shall be seen and tasted which can be a mind blowing and unforgettable experience through the Paris city tours

• A personalized experience shall be shared by a small group of traveling members

• The expert tour guide shall give exciting and illuminating comments based on the history and traditional sights of Paris city

This tour of your favorite chocolates and pastries shall begin at the la Maison du Chocolate. Maximum of 8 members are included in the tour for a time. The expert gastronomic guide shall give all the needed instructions and guidance for all the members of the tour to make it a really wonderful experience. According to the preferences of the group members the number of stops included shall be expanded to see more scenes and shops. The informative commentary included in the tour provides the travelers with an introduction to the French culinary habits, the special and occasional events that occur in the traversed places during the time of the journey and the selected specialties of the main shops included in the journey. Things to do in Paris will not be complete without this wonderful touring experience.

Instruction Tour Options for Your Paris Journey

Why might I pay for a guided strolling visit? There are two great reactions to that inquiry:

The first would be that I just have a brief span in the city and I need to expand what I see. Visits can be especially valuable for giving you a pleasant diagram of mainstream attractions. Which would prompt my second explanation behind taking a visit – now that I have a decent diagram of the city I can pick where I need to invest my top to bottom energy. My last purpose behind taking a visit would be that I am voyaging alone. The gathering cooperation is an additional in addition to for the single voyager. Some of these visit gathers even give visits particularly to single ladies.

These tour groups are not listed in any particular order as far as quality or cost. They are here to provide you with options in planning your trip to France. All tours are in English.

Discover Walks – Their motto is “see Paris with a Parisian. Their tours include:

  • Paris Landmarks
  • Notre DameTour
  • Romantic Paris

Paris Conciergerie Like the concierge desk at a fine hotel, Paris Conciergerie will help you organize your trip. Their tours include:

  • French Wine Introductory Tasting
  • Paris Tour and Eiffel Tower Visit
  • Paris a la Carte
  • Paris Must See Tour – major landmarks and monuments
  • Lunch Cruise Irresistible – a two hour lunch cruise in a glass topped boat.
  • Disneyland Resort Paris
  • Versaille Audio Guided Tour
  • Panorama Paris tour- history and major landmarks
  • Monet’s Giverny
  • Louvre Museum Guided Tour
  • Wine and Cheese Tasting Lunch
  • Fontainebleau and Barbizon Tour
  • Champagne Discovery Tour
  • Loire Valley Castles Tour

Paris Walks “All our guides are university graduates, knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic about Paris and its history.” Tours include:

  • The Old Marais Quarter
  • The French Revolution Tour
  • The Village of Montmartre
  • The Two Islands
  • St Germain de Prés
  • Hemingway’s Paris
  • Paris Chocolate Tour
  • Several Fashion Walks
  • Private Tours

Classic Walks of Paris Tours vary from broad overiews of the city to themed subjects or to specific areas. Tours include:

  • Classic Walk – overview of the city
  • Da Vinci Code Walk – follows Dan Brown’s novel throughout Paris
  • The French Revolution Walk – follows the gripping tales from the overthrow of the monarchy to the guillotine
  • World War I Walk – Paris’ darkest hours in history
  • Montmartre Walk
  • Latin Quarter Walk
  • Wine Tasting Experience
  • D-Day Beaches Day Trip
  • Paris du Jour – itineraries exclusively for small groups of women
  • Fat Tire Bike Tours
  • City Segway Tours

Private walking tours in Paris Each personalized walk is about three hours long with a small break.

  • Saint Michel District- The Roman and Student Area
  • The Islands ‘ La Cite ‘ and ‘Saint-Louis’ – The Middle Ages
  • The Marais – The Parisian Renaissance and Louis XIV
  • The Tuileries Gardens and the Classic Style of Paris
  • The Covered Passages – Paris of the Empire Period
  • Les Halles – Paris Old and New
  • Paris and The Seine River
  • Montmartre

Gotten to be Inveigled By London Tour

London and Paris are amongst the most prominent and charming capitals on the planet. London possesses large amounts of mixed and far reaching exercises to suit the requirements of any and each guest. However Paris is certain to captivate in an unexpected way, with its variety of social locales and its by and large masterful, bohemian feel. Take London to Paris visits for a convincing background that you will recall everlastingly more.

Delve into the striking architectural structures of Paris. Marvel at the Arc de Triomphe, which confers intensely impressive views over the city. Unquestionably, a visit to the Eiffel Tower is a leading preoccupation in the minds of many visitors. It just must be explored. Become enchanted by Notre Dame Cathedral, the cathedral that notably took over 100 years to complete.

Make the most of the most extraordinary exhibitions on display at the most distinguished Parisian museums. The magnificent Louvre will certainly take your breath away, and is home to the most captivating selection of pre-twentieth century art on the globe. Satiate your voracious appetite for modern art at the Pompidou Center, which includes artworks by such phenomenal painters as Modigliani and Matisse.

Or, for something rather more unusual, explore The Cite Des Sciences Et De L’Industrie, a significant and riveting museum committed to the practices of science and technology.

The Pere Lachaise Cemetery is one of the most famous cemeteries on the globe, housing the graves of a selection of eminent celebrities, including ‘the sparrow’ Edith Piaf and the unrivalled master of wit, Oscar Wilde. The cemetery certainly merits exploration.

It is positively not remarkable for a visitor to Paris to feel inundated by the assortment of attractions it holds. Yet, if you choose to take a tour, you can spend your time sightseeing in a structured manner. For instance, a hop on hop off tour really allows you to lose yourself in the architectural majesty of the city without a care.

Sample some of the great charms of the engaging cafes and bars which suffuse Paris. Home to a very strong musical scene, as well as being, of course, the birthplace of cabaret, its nightlife is multitudinous and exhilarating to explore.

Paris Tours by Boat You will Love it

Two of my companions were touching base in Paris from various purposes of the globe – one from Iceland and one from New Zealand (and I’d originated from Australia), so I thought it would be awesome amusing to begin our first night in Paris together on a Champagne Cruise.

We all met up in the 11th arrondissement at the Metro Voltaire, and made our way to Bir Hakeim Metro beside the Eiffel Tower. I’d booked the tickets over the internet from Australia before I left home, so we were ready to go! When we emerged out of Bir Hakeim metro, all we had to do was look UP to see the Eiffel Tower and started walking in the direction. Our Champagne Cruise was due to depart at 6pm from the steps on the River Seine closest to the Eiffel Tower. As we walked along the street, we did a bit of window shopping in the tourist shops and looked at some trinkets we might buy on our way back.

When we reached the banks of the River Seine, we headed over to the ticketing office and as I was the only one who spoke any French, I handed over the tickets (printed off the internet) to the ticket collector. My French was rusty, but I certainly understood when he said there were no Champagne Cruises tonight because it was Sunday!

Oh I felt sick in the stomach, and in my terribly shaky French I tried to find out how this could happen when I’d called and confirmed the tickets the day before. This went on for a few minutes back and forth, until the ticket collector started laughing – he was making a joke, and I was so relieved and started laughing with him. Who said the French weren’t friendly? Not me 🙂

We walked onto our boat and were shown through some heavy velvet curtains to the very front, where we were greeted by a delightful sommelier named Olivier who was going to tell us about Champagne for the next hour as he had us taste several different varieties.

With a glass of champagne held firmly in our hands, the boat slowly moved away from the mooring, and we were gliding on the River Seine looking at the beauty and history of Paris from our perfect spot on the boat. There were several American girls on the cruise, also enjoying the sights of Paris, as a break from their studies here. Another group was from the UK, a couple with their daughter and son-in-law, plus other passengers, and we all got on famously together.

Our sommelier Olivier was extremely knowledgeable on the topic of champagne, and has his own business specialising in champagne tours. We learnt so much and had fun along the way – before we knew it our hour was up, and it was time to disembark. We chatted with the fellow passengers on the wharf and all agreed it was well worthwhile.

I must say this was a truly delightful way to introduce Paris to my friends, and it’s a very inexpensive way to see the city from the water – the beautiful historical buildings, the marvellous bridges (‘ponts’) and the fabulous skyline.

If you can, you really should check out the champagne cruise – I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Paris Tours
Hidden Paris Barge Tour

Later in the week we headed off to find the Hidden Paris Barge Tour, due to start at 2:30pm and finishing at 5pm. We stopped at a boulangerie (bakery) and bought baguette sandwiches and bottled water for our little picnic on the barge.

We took the metro and changed twice before arriving at Parc De La Villette, in the 19th arrondissement (Metro: Porte de Pantin). When we came out of the metro we were surprised to see the big open spaces and the artistic buildings – such a contrast to the centre of Paris.

We walked towards the canal and found the departure point for our barge tour. When we climbed aboard, there weren’t many people, and I thought that because it was a Friday there might be fewer passengers. As we located some seats and got settled, we enjoyed the warm summer’s afternoon and looked forward to our cruise. We weren’t on the River Seine, we were actually on a canal on the outskirts of Paris which would wend its way to eventually meet the Seine towards the end of our two and a half hour journey.

More passengers started climbing on board, and suddenly the barge was full – it was an outing for a company’s picnic and they were all set to have fun! As we were the only English speakers, it was an interesting way to get to see and meet the locals who were in party-mode.

Pretty soon our ticket collector appeared and started to talk about the surroundings – in French. When he finished, he stood in front of us and gave us the English version, which was lovely. I speak enough French to know that he tweaked the jokes to make us laugh, and it turned out he was an Englishman who’d lived in Paris for many years.

We learnt all kinds of interesting snippets about French history and politics, culture and stories. Because we were on a canal, we had to enter each ‘lock’ and the large floodgates were locked behind us. The water level would slowly decrease beneath us until we had dropped down a level in the landscape, and then we could proceed. This happened several times, and always drew a crowd who’d hang over the bridges above us, waving and calling out. It was great fun and so different from the typical French tourist attractions!

We ate our picnic and had a marvellous afternoon, chatting to the French locals and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. As we approached a long dark tunnel, we were advised it was 2km long – unlit – and went directly beneath the Bastille monument, which had plenty of history to hear about.

Our guide was very knowledgeable and funny, and made the day so interesting. When we were in total darkness in the underground canal, we could hear a beautiful melody … as he came forward, his silhouette was outlined by a circular airvent above us in the tunnel, and we could see he was playing a lilting melody on a clarinet – it was haunting and beautiful.